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Totes ETC by Mary Jean

Hope you all like my Totes.  Would love to hear any comments.  And, of course, would appreciate any orders.

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Well, I think I said about a week before new items would be added.   Hmmmm, it's been about a month.  Where does the time go.  I have seven new items and will be adding more (not going to say when tho

The June sale is now over.  Sorry is you missed it.  Just watch for future events. I am adding a new line... scarves.  I am trying to compliment the totes, bags and purses.  Of course, you don't need

SALE!  SALE!   SALE! I'm giving a 20% sale on all items on Pages 1 and 2 and 10% off sale on all items on Page 3. The New Products Page items are not on sale and the prices will remain the same. By th

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